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Your company can build massive value by becoming a partner of Wake County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #41

Once people are interested in your company from being seen on NCFOP41 however, you will want to drive them right to your store front right? Well what can NCFOP41 do that a Newspaper, TV or Radio ad can’t? cropped-7721212.jpg

We can connect them right to you by the click of a mouse! They are already on here shopping and spending their time, why not go to your store while they are out?

Links on the link page are FREE however are only put once a link on your site is exchanged.

If you would like to put something up for sale please contact me in whichever way you like the best and we will work out a deal. Our terms for the store page are that we do not charge to put an item up for sale but NCFOP41 will take a percentage of the sale once the item does sell.

As of December 1st, 2015 here is the new online Ad store! I hope this makes things easier for us all!

Your ad can start at any specified date you wish it to. If you need a logo there’s an option as well for that below. The first customization is FREE, however changes after that are listed below.

Also as a special offer to repeat customers, all orders of over 3 months will be rewarded with a 10% discount!


SPECIAL FOR 2016 Only: Full scholarship available for ads placed on this site during 2016.


The size of this ad is 300×200 pixels. For one of the new “Front Page” Ads are as follows:

Front Page Ad With Link 300×200

YourAdHere300x200  One Month



The size of this ad is 300×200 pixels. “Side Bar” Ads are not see on the front page and are not seen when the side bar is not present. For one of the new “Side Bar” Ads are as follows:

Side Bar Ad With Link 300×200

YourAdHere300x200 One Month



Finally, for the Top Rotating Banner, it is limited to three spots at one time so it is the most limited spot on the site. The pricing for this spot is shown where you can purchase is below. The size of this ad is 728×90 pixels.


Top Rotating Banner Ad With Link 728×90

One Month



For more information please either call Michelle Hertling 252-292-5880 or send me an email to webmaster at

NOTE: NCFOP41 reserves the right to deny an ad that is not deemed appropriate

We look forward to working with you!

Wake County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #41